2015 Red Devils Charity Event

2015 Red Devils Charity Event

Event Type:
Walkon play, Pump & Magfed

Chartiy Sponsored:
Maryland Red Devils

Funds Raised:
P3 Paintball Park – 7948 Fort Smallwood Rd, Curtis Bay, MD 21226

Target course this year was on the Village Field. As you went through the course you were allowed three to hit the target. At the end of the course we calculated your score. Highest score won, but incase of a tiebreaker, the fastest time would determine the winner. Grand Prize for the course was a brand new Azodin KP3.
This event couldn’t of gone any better without Jan Wilson and the hard working staff of the Red Devils. We thank the Red Devil staff for choosing Team Defiance to help with raising money for a great cause. We look forward to helping with future events.

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