2016 Sons of The American Legion Charity Event

2016 Sons of The American Legion Charity Event

Event Type:
Walkon play, Pump & Magfed

Chartiy Sponsored:
Sons of The American Legion

Funds Raised:

P3 Paintball Park – 7948 Fort Smallwood Rd, Curtis Bay, MD 21226

Once again Team Defriance and Parkville’s Sons of the American Legion, joined forces to raise money for our service men and women coming home. Just like when returning from a tour of duty, our obstacle course was a challenging one to say the lease. Team leader John entered the dunk tank as people threw baseballs at a target. To say that John exited the dunk tank wet is an underestimation. We would like to send a special thank you to Riviera Beach Fire Station for helping out at the event as well. To all who came out, we hope to see you at our further event. Play on.

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