2016 Pathfinder For Autism Charity Event

2016 Pathfinder For Autism Charity Event

Event Type:
Walkon play, Pump & Magfed

Chartiy Sponsored:
Pathfinders for Autism

Funds Raised:

P3 Paintball Park – 7948 Fort Smallwood Rd, Curtis Bay, MD 21226

This was the perfect day for a paintball outing. Warm weather, pump and magfed only walk on group, pistol shooting obstacle course, free giveaways and raffle prizes made it any pump player’s perfect day out. Thanks to several extremely generous donations for raffle prizes including Boston Paintball, Southern Maryland Paintball, Valken, GI Sportz, Empire and AnnoWorkz, as well as a very fun and successful timed shooting course we were able to raise a total of $2,700 in donation money for the Pathfinders for Autism Charity organization. We know from firsthand experience that this money will be put to good use, but please follow their link on our sponsor page to see all of the amazing things the Pathfinders do for mentally disabled children and their families in Maryland.