2017 Pathfinders for Autism Charity Event

2017 Pathfinders for Autism Charity Event

April 8th, 2017

Event Type:
Walkon play, Pump & Magfed, and Pistol Shooting obstacle course

Chartiy Sponsored:

Funds Raised:

P3 Paintball Park – 7948 Fort Smallwood Rd, Curtis Bay, MD 21226

It’s that time of year again. Come and help support the Pathfinders for Autism. An organization form by B.J. Surhoff, former professional baseball player that played for the Baltimore Orioles and several other MLB teams. Pathfinders works as a resource center for families touched by autism, helps in providing specialized training for families and first responders, and they host recreational events. Its a great cause, and one that we hope to raise as much money as possible for.
Last year we raised over $2700 from our raffle and this year our goal is to reach over $3000. We have a few special raffles this year, as we have a TWSTR Autococker as well as comedian Ralphie May has donated two autographed packages. Thank you to all of our sponsors who have helped and I hope to see you all out there.

Thanks to all that came out to a historical event for Team Defiance. With the help from all of our sponsors and families, Team Defiance was able to raise over four thousand dollars for Pathfinder for Autism. All of this couldn’t of happened if there wasn’t P3 Paintball. Allowing us to use the field for all of our charity events. Thanks to Boston Paintball, Ralphie May, Exalt, Etc for all of the raffled gear. Every little bit helped. Lastly thanks to all that made it to the event as everyone helped raise this month for a great cause.